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Residential, commercial & industrial concreting in Alice Springs


If you are seeking comprehensive concreting solutions for residential, commercial and industrial needs, look no further than Heartland Concrete. Based in Alice Springs, our services also extend to remote Northern Territory areas within a 600km radius.
We provide a wide range of concrete services and repairs, including:
  • Driveways
  • House & shed slabs
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Patios & pergolas
  • Pathways
  • Tilt panels
  • Patios & pergolas
  • Pathways
  • Tilt panels
  • Silo bases
  • Shed floors
  • Stencil concreting
With an extensive history of supporting clients in Alice Springs, Heartland Concrete is proud of its cost-effective and innovative concreting solutions. We can handle any construction or repair project, regardless of size or scope. Our reliable and professional concreters have the necessary skillset, training and experience to deliver on the highest expectations.

Our expertise can rejuvenate your home or business on a budget. We can effectively treat and repair concrete surfaces to make them look brand new. Our repair work leaves your concrete looking sleek, smooth and beautiful.

We are only a phone call away! Contact Heartland Concrete for the best concreting services in Alice Springs and the Northern Territory.
Concrete Pathway of a House — Residential Concreting in Alice Spring, NT
Heartland Concrete can take on any residential concreting project in Alice Springs and the wider Northern Territory region. We offer concreting services for new projects and repairs, helping you improve the aesthetic appeal, value and charm of your home. We understand that every homeowner has a unique budget and situation. ... Read more
Commercial Concreting Floors — Industrial Concreting in Alice Spring, NT
Trust Heartland Concrete to find the most appropriate solution to your concreting needs. We work with commercial and industrial clients in Alice Springs. Regardless of your industry or the scope of your project, Heartland Concrete is the concreter you can trust in the Northern Territory. Our team of project managers and concreters delivers on small and large-scale projects.
Sidewalk Repaired with Newly Poured Cement — Concreting Service in Alice Spring, NT
Heartland Concrete uses high strength, innovative and reliable methods to repair concrete damage at your home, business or industrial location. We can handle damage ranging from hairline cracks to deep structural damage. When our team finishes with your concrete surface, the entire surface will look brand new, shiny and smooth.
Bulldozer Level the Ground — Earthworks Service in Alice Spring, NT
Heartland Concrete understands the importance of proper soil preparation before a construction project. We offer earthworks services in Alice Springs and the wider Northern Territory region. Our experts conduct the necessary soil analysis, stabilisation, dust control and excavation to prepare your surface for a new project.